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Amateur Minute 4 Amateur Minute 4

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Just for your info.

The song for the "music box" scene is called "Dominee Dimitri" by De Klootzaken, a classic gabba tune but a bit rare because it was banned for containing a sample of a dutch preist talking about how this kinda music is evil... he wasnt too happy and took the artist to court!... or at least, thats the story.

Lord-Sonx responds:

well thanx for that! now i know! and knowing is half the battle! *G I JOOEEEEEEEEEE*

The Morgue The Morgue

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er.... (slowly backs away from ZekeySpaceyLizard)

That was weird! so weird in fact it was weird with a capital 8!!!

Excellent work none the less!

(im gonna have twisted dreams tonight!.. i watched rubber johnny about an hour ago... now this!)
seriously though, i thought the artwork was well in keeping with the 60's soundtrack, animation - top notch, reminisent of Ren and Stimpy, what more can i say!?

HEY!!! i just realised, we met on the Weebl web site some time ago and you pointed me to your "Im blue" flash... i think i was asking for storyboard advice for my now defunct Ninja Slug project. (i thought i recognised the name!)

Anyway, congrats... sure to be a classic!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

I remember your ninja slug!
It was quite cute! :>

My name is Bill My name is Bill

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very funny

BlunderCats BlunderCats

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I remember finding those sounds a while back.. you used just about every one thats there, nicely done tho.